Following a rigorous nomination and selection process that culminates in late spring of each year, several individuals are chosen by the Cleveland Heritage Medal Committee to be so honored. These men and women are true representatives of leadership in Cleveland and the region, their impact far exceeding that which would be expected of them in their positions of influence.

But for them, the magnificent story and history of Cleveland would not be what it is today.

Nomination Critieria:

  • All entries must be completed in full and submitted electronically. Submissions on paper are not accepted.
  • Nominations made anonymously will not be accepted.
  • Only living individuals can be nominated.
  • Honorees are chosen during their lifetime and will have been active members of the community for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Honorees will not be current elected officials.
  • Only one nomination per form will be accepted.
  • The nominations of couples, families or organizations will not be accepted.

All nominations must be received by Thursday, April 30, 2020. Please contact Kate Brown at or 216-778-7509 if you have questions about the form or nomination process.

Nominated By

A member of the Cleveland Heritage Medal Committee may contact you for more information about the person you are nominating.

Nominee Information

Please provide a brief narrative that reflects how the nominee during his/her career or volunteer tenure has demonstrated the Cleveland Heritage Medal criteria and core values highlighted above. This may include examples of exceptional leadership skills and impactful achievements; corporate social responsibility initiatives; community service and nonprofit involvement; awards and recognitions; and philanthropy.

If possible, please identify one or two transformative or legacy achievements that may distinguish this individual from other nominees. The statement “But for (nominee’s name), the story of Cleveland could not be told” should serve as a guide for what to include in the narrative

You may attach no more than three supporting documents (doc, docx, pdf or jpg) to accompany the nominator narrative.

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